St. John's is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.


The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or WELS is a conservative Confessional Lutheran body proclaiming salvation through faith in Jesus Christ ALONE.

What's in a name? -- Our acronym stands for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Each word is significant.  Wisconsin is where  three pastors serving German immigrants joined together in a common fellowship more than 150 years ago. Today, more than half of  our membership call it home.  Evangelical is a Greek word.  Literally translated it means gospel oriented.  It is an apt description, for the  gospel of Jesus Christ is at the core of all we believe and proclaim.  Lutheran refers to those who adhere to the teachings of Martin  Luther, the leader of the Reformation in Germany.  God used Luther to point out the errors of the church some 500 years ago that  salvation was something that must be earned.  It was Luther who once again made clear that salvation is received through faith in Jesus  as a gift from God (Ephesians 2:8, 9).  Synod literally translated means walking together.  As a fellowship of Christians, we walk together  as individuals and congregations sharing a common bond of faith in Jesus articulated in the Lutheran Confessions.  We invite you to walk  with us. 



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