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Welcome to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Public Worship Services are held on each Sunday morning beginning at 10:30 am.  Sunday School beginns at 9:15 am., and Family Bible Study beginns at 9:30 am.

Online sermons are posted here.  Printed service folders may be found here.  

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Events scheduled are subject to change due to the possible dangers to health caused by Covid-19. Masks and gloves are available or you may bring your own.  Please practice Social Distancing at all events. 

May the Lord God Almighty give us all strength and courage as we go through this difficult time. 



“Satan wants us to believe that we have the right to refuse to forgive someone who deliberately harms us, especially if that harm is repeated and the offender shows no repentance and doesn’t even care about being forgiven by us. The devil wants us to imagine that we can derive a certain satisfaction from holding a grudge or even trying to get revenge. But such an unforgiving spirit is spiritual poison, which harms us most of all and threatens to destroy us utterly and eternally. When we forgive others as God forgives us, we are the ones who are blessed by that. When we refuse to forgive others, we endanger our own faith and salvation.”  

[Taken from: The People’s Bible Series – Matthew -  by Pastor G.J. Albrecht & Pastor M.J. Albrecht. Pg. 266.]